January 21, 2021

COVID-19 Update

Hi there.
We have been trying so many different platforms since this pandemic started in March of 2020. For now, everyone is suffering during COVID-19; we want to get customer orders on time and keep all team members working in a safe environment and maintain limited members in a group. We are trying our best to control the flow, especially during these times of social distancing.

Everything we do, we do for our customers. Without our customer’s support, our small business would not survive. From choosing the best ingredients to picking fresh fruits every day, our customers are always our priority. So, when we implement changes, it is always because we intend to improve the process. We understand that “pausing” the system might be inconvenient for our Chino Hills Online system, but it helps our crew members make your drinks more efficiently. If we don’t pause the system and the tickets keep printing without any management, we are afraid we will not be able to catch up, and the pickup times can be delayed. Our goal is to provide an accurate pickup time minimizing any delays. We would never want to over-promise on a pickup time and under deliver.

Very importantly, our points do not expire. The system automatically sends you a reminder. We had some glitches in the points system in the past, but it’s been rectified. You can start redeeming your points again when you use the same email or phone number you had registered with.

For our Irvine Alton Square and Irvine Walnut Village (Culver dr.) locations, walk-in only currently, we are sorry about the inconvenience that online order is not available at this moment.

Thank you for your understanding.When picking up orders, we ask for an order number with a name because we anticipate that we will have customers with similar names. It is best practice to verify both kinds of information, so we do not mix up orders for our customers. We would hate to have someone leave with the wrong order. This way, we can minimize errors.We apologize if these new changes upset you. We hope that you can understand.

As our small business grows, we anticipate getting better and better with time when implementing new changes. Here at OMOMO, we genuinely choose quality over quantity, and we know that extra care in crafting each drink goes a long way.